Oracle 10G Purge Feature

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With the new Oracle 10G purge feature a table is not truly dropped by using the drop table command. It is only renamed and considered inside Oracle’s recycle bin. This is important to know for 2 reasons.

1. If you drop a table it still counts against your tablespace until you remove it from the recycle bin.
2. If you change your mind about dropping a table you can simply flashback the table and the table structure with the data will be back.

Working with the new Oracle 10G Purge Feature

To retrieve a table you dropped consider the following.

flashback table t to before drop;

To remove a table from the recycle bin after it’s been dropped

delete from recyclebin where original_name = 't';

To drop a table and skip the recycle bin

drop table t purge;

Here is a link to an Ask Tom segment that talks about the new Oracle 10G Purge feature.

Ask Tom