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ESRI REST Services Example


My Company recently needed the ability to enter an address,  street name or intersection and get the latitude and longitude so we could locate the address in our new GIS system. I turned to ESRI REST Services to get the job done.


In the solution I developed I went a step further and allowed the users to type in Points of Interest. My code would then list up to 5(I could allow it to list up to 20 if I wanted) POIs as a Link Label. The user can then click which POI they want and it will zoom them to the location on the ap. I went even a step further and allowed users to enter business types and it would also list 5 POIs. An example of this would be Pharmacy, Marietta GA.


Some Screenshots of the project

Address Search

Address Search









Point of Interest Search

POI Search

POI Search









While ESRI gives the option to return up to 20 results I have limited my results to at most 5. From this list you cannot tell which Chipolte is which, I am displaying the address on the Link Label. Since ESRI does not have address information at this time for POIs they are null. Once ESRI updates their database with Address they will begin showing on the Link Label. I have had confirmation fro ESRI that this will come in an update.


POI Clicked

POI Clicked








Here you see that once you click a POI in the list it returns the Lat and Long.


ESRI Rest Services Executable

After download you will need to rename this files and take away the .txt on the end.







For more information on ESRI REST services go here

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