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Remove Duplicate Rows from DataTable in C#

Posted on Mar 19 by

Remove Duplicate Rows from DataTable in C# While it is best to get distinct values directly from the SQL statement before entering them into a datatable there is an easy way to...


Inner Join vs Outer Join

Posted on Feb 8 by

Here I will show the difference between Inner Joins and Outer Joins hence the title Inner Join vs Outer Join. I have three tables to use for these examples. Table1:...


Oracle Application Express Install

Posted on Jan 27 by

In this post I will discuss the steps needed to install Oracle Application Express 4.2.1. First you need to make sure you have an Oracle DB installed on your computer. You can get...


Oracle Named Loops

Posted on Jan 24 by

When using nested loops in your PL/SQL code it is beneficial to use  Oracle named loops to make the code easier to read. To name a loop you simply add <<LOOP_NAME>>...


Oracle Sequence Nextval

Posted on Jan 22 by

Using Oracle sequence nextval you can autonumber a column in a table, that column is usually the primary key. This is useful if you want to increment that column with each new...


Oracle 10G Purge Feature

Posted on Jan 15 by

With the new Oracle 10G purge feature a table is not truly dropped by using the drop table command. It is only renamed and considered inside Oracle’s recycle bin. This is...